This site is dedicated to the soon to be hit mobile game known as Side Slider. What you will see on this site is as follows:


Side Slider is just about ready to pop out of the oven and onto your phone. This arcade game from Long Island University Post graduate students will jog your Geometric memory. Slide shapes off of the screen to subtract their sides from the target number. Get it to zero and earn a time bonus! Missing the shape you need? Tap away the corrupted shapes to repopulate the field! Side Slider hearkens back to a time when striving for high scores was all-important. Get in the zone and keep the timer up for as long as you can. Slip up just a little and you’ll be stuck between a pentagon and a hard place.

Side Slider was made by four graduate Game Design students at Long Island University Post.


  • Bleeps and Bloops – Over a dozen hard-hitting, bass-thumping tracks to serenade your play sessions.
  • Replayability – The game’s progression system keeps track of your accomplishments and unlocks.
  • Hats – Unlock over 20 costumes to dress up your shapes.
  • Educational – Select multiple shapes to add up to your target number or furiously slide to subtract and keep track in your head! The underlying Math mechanics are simple and fun for all ages.
  • Free to play – There aren’t even in-app-purchases, we promise!

Basic Facts

Platforms: Apple App Store, Google Play Store.

Release: December 12, 2016.

Price: Free, with no in-app-purchases.

Digital Album for sale separately at Bandcamp and for preview at Soundcloud.


We thank you for taking interest in our game and hope you will enjoy it when it releases later in December.

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You want to see hi-impact extreme game play from our game? Check out this radical trailer to get an idea on how mathematical this game truly is.


Ryan Cantar – Assistant Programmer, Game Design, Art Design, Production Assistant

Cheng Zhang – Lead Artist, Game Design

Gerard Gilmartin – Project Manager, Assistant Artist

Eric Guadara – Lead Programmer, Sound Designer, Game Design